Maverick Oilfield Services was started in 2008 by William Phillips with a single set of equipment and zero investors, later evolving into a wide-scale operation with a history of service spanning 11 states. From the beginning, we've been committed to growing our idea of a high-quality third-party torque turn company and literally created the model in doing so.

Now, Maverick is rightly seen as the progenitors of the third-party torque turn company concept. With naysayers at every turn and the odds stacked against us, we were able to create the new standard in torque turn service providers, veritably inspiring the rise of a new industry. In fact, many workers in the industry cut their teeth at Maverick before going on to begin their own torque turn companies elsewhere to great success.

Without the integral element of appropriate torque turn, rig operations in the oilfield could suffer total failure at any moment. That's why Maverick Oilfield Services' torque control monitoring and calibration, whether conventional or wireless, are so crucial to the continued maintenance of your rig.

Since our founding, we've taken the big risks so you won't have to take any. Our employees and our clients alike appreciate the importance we place on a time-tested work ethic. We want to be the best at what we do – and so far, we have been. We go over the top to make sure everything is done the right way for your operation, your employees, and your bottom line.

Phillips says the reason he named the company Maverick is because of the legendary farmer Samuel A. Maverick, who started a farm without branding his cattle, even though he was surrounded by those who did. In the same way that Maverick was a pioneer in his industry, working despite insurmountable odds, Maverick Oilfield Services has persisted and carved out our very own specialty industry.

Currently, we focus solely on providing torque turn services to Texas and Oklahoma, branching out here and there into Louisiana. From Midland to Lufkin to San Augustine, from Lindsay to Elk City to Ardmore, Maverick Oilfield Services is your original premium torque turn service provider.

If you need the services of a third-party torque turn company, contact Maverick Oilfield Services today.