Third-Party Torque Turn Services

Whether you have a casing company present or not, Maverick Oilfield Services can confidently dedicate an array of third-party torque turn services to your oil or gas operation in Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana.

At Maverick, we make use of cutting-edge Active Torque software technology. Normally, torque readings are only taken when the computer systems are guiding the initial drill pipe connection. With our software, you will always see your torque for the duration of your drilling activity. With Active Torque, we can detect any problems in real time and help you address them before they result in minor setback or catastrophe. Our computers are more sensitive than those offered by others in our industry, and we've mastered the way to keep them running and providing you with critical feedback.

While many casing companies offer torque turn services as part of a range of the services they provide, Maverick Oilfield Services is entirely focused on providing the best possible third-party torque turn services, including:

Torque Control Monitoring

The fluctuating loads and stresses on the materials of your oil and gas machinery can wreak havoc over time and cause tremendous damages, setting back your operation and potentially causing harm to your equipment or employees. That's what makes torque control monitoring so important. By establishing correct initial tension and controlling the tightening torque, your machinery will work appropriately and safely for the duration of its use.

Thanks to our battle-tested and extensively trained employees, as well as our top-of-the-line laptops and torque control monitoring software technology, you'll never have to worry about an under-tightened or over-tightened connection leading to costly and time-wasting damage to your rig.

Iron Roughneck Calibrations

A multitude of errors can lead to your Iron Roughneck suffering from mistakenly applied torque. Whether the system settings were off, jaw alignment was askew, temperatures were inaccurately measured, or something as simple as a plumbing leak occurred, these possibly undetected errors could lead to colossal failure.

Through consistent torque calibrations of your Iron Roughneck, you can reduce overall downtime, prevent equipment failure, and ensure an extended drill pipe service lifespan. When incorrect torque is applied to an Iron Roughneck, you can suffer from extremely costly setbacks like "twist-off" events.

Maverick Oilfield Services offers Iron Roughneck torque calibration up to an incredible 80,000 foot-pound force to ensure you never have to face such an event. Our skilled and knowledgeable employees work every day to prevent these errors, helping to keep the oil and gas industries as safe and efficient as possible. And unlike the manufacturers and distributors of Iron Roughnecks, we won't take our time getting there only to sugarcoat what's wrong with your equipment. We'll rush to your location, accurately diagnose the problem, and offer you effective solutions to get your rig operational once again.

Top Drive Calibrations

Without the experience and detailed knowledge necessary to execute and fully maintain a tubular connection, it can be exceedingly difficult to ensure a top drive is providing the correct torque. That's why you need a torque turn sub attached to the top drive to run while you operate your service, measuring torque, tension, turns, acceleration, deceleration, RPM, and vibration.

Through the use of a top drive, companies in the oil and gas industries are able to reduce risk and increase safety during their drilling operations. They effectively diminish costs, the frequency of pipes becoming stuck, and a significant portion of the manual labor that goes into drilling wells.

In order to maintain an efficient top drive system, Maverick Oilfield Services offers top drive torque calibrations up to 50,000 foot-pounds to ensure the efficiency and safety of your top drive. Our commitment to excellence and innovation can be measured through our advanced diagnostics systems for equipment condition monitoring and more.

Conventional Torque Turn

Other torque turn and casing companies monitor and record your make-up, shut down their computer once everything looks right, then give the okay to send the drill pipe down. If it parts or is damaged in any way once it passes below the rig floor, the error may go unnoticed until it's too late. That's when you encounter disaster.

Maverick Oilfield Services conventional torque turn system rigs electronic equipment to your system's casing tongs to record and monitor the make-up as you torque the pipe together, send the drill pipe down, and proceed with drilling operations as normal. The moment even the smallest of problems is detected, our high-tech monitoring software will notify us so we can shut the process down before any damage occurs.

Maverick Oilfield Services' software shows real-time data so we can spot any issue ahead of time, saving you from downtime or costly damages. With our conventional torque turn system, you can count on:

  • Real-time monitoring of your torque load
  • Measurements for both time and the number of turns for every connection
  • On-site calibration for different-sized CRT tools
  • Software that retains a backup of your information even if connections are removed

Without proper torque turn, you may incur severe damage to your rig as the result of over-tightening or under-tightening. That's why Maverick Oilfield Services ensures our tech provides you with the optimum torque you need for maximum efficiency.

Wireless Torque Subs

Instead of using casing tongs, Maverick Oilfield Services uses CRT tools run wirelessly to service every rig we work on. We have a stock of 24 wireless torque subs that can monitor turns, tension, and torque. They'll read the hook load of your entire drilling system without requiring a casing crew – just our expert team and your drilling rig. If you have a casing crew on-site, our wireless torque subs function as checks-and-balances for your operation, monitoring the torque separate from the casing crew.

True to our namesake, we are the first and only company to offer third-party wireless torque subs, and have been from the beginning. We offer the very latest in equipment and software for computerized and totally wireless torque subs, as well as fully trained and experienced technicians to operate them. Our subs deliver precision, speed, and highly accurate information for tubular connections and high-res torque and speed data – regardless of your drilling conditions.

DTR Volant Torque Rings

Maverick Oilfield Services provides innovatively designed torque rings manufactured by Volant Products Inc. built to fit standard API casings and tubing connections. Torque rings provide premium connection performance at an affordable cost by enhancing casing rotation in anticipation of downhole torque.

Maverick is proud of the many benefits provided by utilizing these torque rings for our customers. By employing a DTR torque ring from Volant, you’ll reach optimal torque capacity, increase the lifespan of your tubings, and ensure the smoothest possible pipe-to-pipe transition. Torque rings eliminate your need for additional downhole hardware, improve your production efficiency, and more.

Without using a DTR torque ring, your operators must be constantly aware of the rotational torque limits and operating envelope of your casing string – otherwise, you may experience twist off or other costly, potentially dangerous setbacks.

Volant’s torque rings come in all standard sizes and can be installed onsite in a simple process before or during rigging operations. With Maverick’s team on your site, we’ll ensure your rig performs optimally at all times with the added peace of mind and efficiency provided by DTR torque rings.

When Maverick Oilfield Services performs work on your rig, you’re getting the benefit of the highest quality materials and the knowledge of our extensively trained and experienced crew. Contact us today to learn more about the incredible benefits of DTR Torque Rings from Volant.