"I just wanted to put this out there about Maverick Torque turn. I have used Maverick in West Texas for the past 3 years and cannot say enough about this company. Family owned and operated and they treat the operators and company employee’s just like family. The owner William Phillips showed up on my rig selling his service and unlike most salesmen you will encounter was able to answer all my questions and not waste my time. On a couple of occasions they have helped me out of bad situations with torque subs from other competitors. Over the past 3 years he has become a friend and someone I could count on to take care of my casing runs. In my book his service is second to none. If you are having top drive torque issues he is able to torque test the top drive as well as torque turn your casing needs. They will go above and beyond to take care of you and your company. Maverick will always be on my First call list."

- Wes Miller

"My name is Jonathan Coker. I have been with Maverick since August 2017. I worked for them part time while I was with another oilfield company. I enjoy the work, it is easy and doesn't cause me headaches. The easiest work I have ever done by far. I love that we get taken care of here and couldn't ask for better bosses. When things went south with the job I had before here I called the owner of M.O.S and he had my back. I had another job instantly causing me to not have to worry about what I was gonna do now. They have been good to me and couldn't be happier"

- Johnathan Coker

"I have been with Maverick for 3 months. What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to do a job that I can take pride in. I enjoy a job where I know that hard work and precision is not only necessary, but also recognized. That's what I've found so far at Maverick. What I love the most about Maverick, that sets them apart from other companies, is the fact that I am not just a number. Maverick is very big on integrity, honesty, and respecting not only each other, but the customers too. I'm given the opportunities to learn, succeed, move up, and take pride like I've always wanted too. We don't jump through hoops to be heard, or to get stuff done. The owner is one call away, and very open minded to new ideas and to help in any way he can. He is VERY involved in his company and takes pride in his work and image. I'm proud to say I work for Maverick Oilfield Services."

- Jacob Miller

"Hello my name is Ryan Blackburn I proudly hold the position of division manager over the east Texas region here at Mavrick oil field services, I have been with the company since close to the beginning roughly 9 years. I truly enjoy working here at Mavrick first the commodity between one another throughout the company more like interacting with family versus working a normal job, but most of all the career opportunity and job security to provide for my family brings me true joy! I love working here at Mavrick off of services because of the loyalty honesty and hard-working individuals William Phillips has brought together to make Mavrick oilfield services what it is today!"

- Ryan Blackburn