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Maverick Oilfield Services is always ready to hire highly motivated and skilled professionals who take great pride in the services they provide to the people they work with. To be part of a team of like-minded, driven individuals, contact us today.

Maverick Oilfield Services is currently ready to fill these positions:

General field hand technicians

(We'll train you, whether you have experience or not. Looking for potential candidates living in the West Texas area.)

Employee Testimonials

  • Jonathan Coker

    ...I love that we get taken care of here and couldn't ask for better bosses. When things went south with the job I had before here I called the owner of M.O.S and he had my back...

  • Ryan Blackburn

    Division Manager - East TX

    ...I love working here at Maverick Oilfield Services because of the loyalty, honesty and hard-working individuals William Phillips has brought together...

  • Jacob Miller

    Torque Turn Specialist

    Maverick is very big on integrity, honesty, and respecting not only eachother, but customers too. I'm given the opportunity to learn, succeed, move up, and take pride like I've always wanted too.

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